Emmerson & West ~ Know Fulin (Rare)


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Hampton Ridge Magic
Emerson & West’s ~ Know Fulin (Rare & Collectible)
Circa 1998

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Effect: This trick is Specially designed for the bar room audience, this little packet trick is incredibly easy to perform, but can still get an incredible response!
Complete with the name of the chosen card written in Chinese and an extra special lady who appears at the surprise ending, this effect is bound to become a favorite at every pub!

This packet trick was originally put out by Larry West and Arthur Emerson in the 1970’s. I remember (as a teenager) thinking how sexy the “woman” card was — back then, she had a pair of extra details that have been left off this Hamptom Ridge re-make, but on the other hand, she was also only in black and white on the originals, so you win some, you lose some.

The effect is simple, and best shown only to selected audiences, given the obvious double-entendres and sexual connotations. You show four blank cards. One spectator is asked to think of a number between 30 and 50, and another is asked to think of any card. You show a blank card again and deal it in front of the card-thinking spectator. You show another blank and deal it in front of the number-thinking spectator. You ask the card thinker to reveal his card — he says, for example, 6 of Diamonds. You turn up his blank card, and show that it now says 6 of Diamonds, in CHINESE! (there are three chinese characters on the card now.) You apologize and promise no more chinese predictions. You ask the number thinker what his number is — he says 39. You turn his blank card up to reveal a “perfect 39” (the measurement of the woman’s bust, now depicted on the card)

NOTE: This is new old stock (NOS) and has never been used. Excellent condition for the age. See photos

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