TCC – Leather Balls (Set)


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TCC – Leather Balls (Set)
Set of 3 Regular balls + 1 Gimmicked ball + 1 Final Load
100% handcrafted for use with your Cups & Balls routine

Price per set $75

NOTE: These are new

From the TCC website:
Each ball in this set is meticulously handmade with full-grain leather to ensure the finest touch.
Due to the intricate workmanship and strict quality standards, our Leather Balls Set has a limited quantity available.

The set includes four leather balls, three of which are normal and one is gimmicked. This versatile combination allows you to seamlessly incorporate them into your cups and balls routine or use them as an additional ball for a chop cup routine. The extraordinary and stylish design of these balls adds an element of sophistication to your performance.

Crafted with full-grain leather and meticulously hand-sewn, these balls fit perfectly in your hands, providing a comfortable grip and allowing for smooth manipulation. Each ball weighs approximately 15g and measures about 26mm (1 inch) in diameter, offering the ideal size and weight for effortless handling and flawless routines.

Leather Final Load Ball (1 Final Load)
Designed as the perfect ending for your Leather Chop Cup routine. This exquisite ball is meticulously crafted by hand and adds a touch of elegance to your performance.

The set includes a flannel bag for safekeeping.

Small balls:
Diameter: Approximately 27mm (around 1 inch)
Weight: Approximately 26g
Final Load:
Diameter: Approximately 63mm (around 2.5 inches)
Weight: Approximately 83g

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