Edwin’s Every One Wins Plus – Vintage Trick (Rare)


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Edwin’s – Every One Wins Plus – Vintage Trick (Rare)

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In the original effect, three tumblers covered by three different colored bags are displayed. Two spectators select two of the tumblers freely (absolutely no force, and they can change their minds as often as they wish), leaving you with the third. They get empty tumblers – you get one filled with currency bills or the Jackpot.

*NEW* old stock. Price per unit $50.00 ~ you won’t find these elsewhere like this!

Printed on the box:
This clever device enables the magician to take a handkerchief, poke into his left hand and when the hand is opened, the handkerchief is gone. Both hands are then shown on both sides. A simple effect. Absolutely no skill required and can be done immediately.

NOTE: This is new old stock (NOS) Circa 1950s/60s and has never been used. Excellent condition for the age. See photos

Rare ~ Unique ~ Collectible ~ Hard to find ~ Vintage Magic
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