DeLand’s Automatic Playing Cards Magic Cards with Instructions


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DeLand’s Automatic Deck – Vintage 80s era

*NEW* old stock. Price is per deck $22.00

Factory sealed deck – excellent condition for the age (see images)
A gaffed deck that allows you to find any card in the deck automatically.
Sealed deck with Arrco US Regulation seal and copyrighted 1913.

The “Automatic Deck” contains a secret marking system, giving you the ability to know a card without seeing its face! The deck is also “tapered” (a Stripper Deck) giving you the ability to control a card or groups of cards by touch alone; anywhere in the deck! To top it off, this deck has yet another secret marking system giving you the ability to instantly name the location of any card!

The ideas and design of this deck were created by Theodore L. De Land in the first decade of the 1900s. S.S Adams began selling DeLand’s Automatic Deck in 1919

NOTE: This is new old stock (NOS) and has never been used. Excellent condition for the age. See photos

Rare ~ Unique ~ Collectible ~ Hard to find ~ Vintage Magic
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