Royal Magic – Vanishing Coin in Glass (1970s)


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Royal Magic
Royal Magic Classic Vanishing Coin in Glass (Original 1970s)

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Includes: box, trick, gimmick insert, bang ring and instructions

A spectator’s coin is marked with a black Sharpie pen. The spectator holds the coin under a hanky, feeling it’s hard surface through the cloth. A glass of water is placed underneath and the spectator lets go of their coin. Everyone hears the coin hit the water, but when the hanky is taken away the coin has vanished! For ultimate proof you tip up the glass and pour out the water.

Now for a real show stopper. Reach up and pluck the marked coin from the air. With a little showmanship this trick can become the highlight of any show.

NOTE: This is new old stock (NOS) and has never been used. Excellent condition for the age. See photos

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