PENTRO PENNY 1960s – Original (Super Rare)


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PENTRO PENNY 1960s – Original (Super Rare)

Effect: The magician places a box of matches on the top of a penny. The penny then vanishes and in its place is found a dime. if you’d prefer you can just vanish the penny and have it magically reappear inside the match box. It’s a baffler!

*NEW* old stock. Price per trick $40.00 ~ you won’t find these elsewhere!

Includes Diamond matchbox, a gimmicked magnet penny, and complete instructions for performing this mystery trick. The instructions also give you alternate ways to present this amazing trick. Supply your own real dime and wooden matches.

NOTE: Excellent condition for the age. Only 3 available. Packaging is a bit faded in spots. See photos

Rare ~ Unique ~ Collectible ~ Hard to find ~ Vintage Magic
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*All items sold ‘AS IS’ and no refunds due to the nature of magic


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