Magnetic 8 Ball by David Penn & TCC Magic (Blackpool Release 2023)


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Magnetic 8 Ball by David Penn & TCC Magic (Blackpool Release 2023)
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From the TCC website:
Dumping out a solid eight ball from a card box or pen cap to reveal a black 8 playing card never fails to surprise the audience. David Penn has always been fond of the eight ball production, originally from a John Bannon effect, and has featured different versions in his previous DVDs. However, he has never found an ideal holder for the eight ball. Traditional ball holders can cause damage to clothing, and putting it in your pocket is not a clean option. Today, in collaboration with the TCC Team, David Penn presents his idea from 10 years ago – The Magnetic 8 Ball – a secret weapon that he has been using himself for years.

Crafted from a genuine 8 ball, The Magnetic 8 Ball feels and handles like a regular ball. When dumped on the table, it provides a solid feeling to the audience. The handcrafted leather-encased magnetic holder features a built-in magnet that allows you to attach it anywhere you want, without risking any damage to your clothing that old-fashioned holders with safety pins may cause.

The main advantage of The Magnetic 8 Ball is the smoothness of the steal. Placed underneath your waistcoat, you don’t need to pull anything, and simply by rolling your hand on the jacket, the eight ball glides out of its hiding place easily, undetected by your audience.

With The Magnetic 8 Ball, performing the visually stunning eight ball production has never been easier or more deceptive. This secret weapon ensures a smooth and practical performance without compromising the visual impact.

Feels like a regular ball
Smooth and Undetectable Steal
What’s Included
The Magnetic 8 Ball
Magnetic Holder
Online Tutorial by David Penn
The Magnetic 8 Ball, an excellent addition to your repertoire.

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