Joe Berg’s “Ultra Mental Deck” – SUPER RARE


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Joe Berg’s – Professional Grade Invisible Deck (Ultra-Mental Deck)

Super rare find!
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From The Berg Book …

Effect: You remove an INVISIBLE PACK of cards from your pocket. Have a spectator shuffle the deck, then cut it (oops, he dropped a card – have him pick it up!). Now, have him remove one card from the deck and show it to everyone (by now, they think you’re nuts!). Tell the spectator to turn his card face down and re­place it in the pack.

Now, you bring out a “visible pack.” Have the spectator name his card – the one he selected from the INVISIBLE deck. Run through the visible cards until you find one face down card. And, sure enough, it is the card selected by the spectator!! No forces – no sleights.

Effect 2: Performer shows a deck of cards contained within its case and states that he has reversed one of the cards. The performer states that, strange as it seems, the card now reversed in the deck will be the very card named by the spectator. When the spectator names a card, the magician takes the deck out of its case and spreads it face up. One card is seen to be face down. When the spectator takes this card and turns it face up, it turns out to be the very card he named!

Performer then fans the cards face up in front of another spectator and requests this person to mentally select any cards he sees. The magician puts the cards behind his back and brings them out with one face down card protruding from the center of the deck. The cards are squared and, after the spectator has named his mentally selected card, then spread face up. The spectator does not see his card among the face up cards.

When the spectator turns over the face down card from the center of the spread, he finds that he is holding the very card he had mentally chosen from the spread.


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