Tantalizing Wand by Abbott’s


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This is a classic comedy effect which has been improved to be a real fooler. It goes something like this, the tip of your wand breaks off, only to be replaced but at the wrong end, suddenly the wand has restored itself and looks normal, until the tip falls off which is vanished in a devils handkerchief and reappers on the wand, which has suddenly changed to a multi color wand right before their eyes. Did you get all that? A very versatile prop that you can use anytime in your routine, even as a running gag. The transformation at the end to the multi-colored wand is nothing short of beautiful and is a real fooler. The set comes complete with wand, gimmicks, and even a devils hankerchief. Very easy to do, just follow the included instructions which will walk you through each step of this wonderful effect.

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