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This is a an extremely novel, effective combination of two classic, great tricks: Six-Card Repeat and a “story” magic trick. In effect, you remove five credit cards from your wallet. You remove several and yet, magically, you always have five in your hands. All this happens as you spin an hilarious tale of your last visit to Las Vegas.
What sets this apart from everything else we have seen is that, although it packs in one credit card slot of your wallet, this effect plays BIG. How many effects using small cards can play for a room full of people? A theater full of people? Not too many. This is a PRACTICAL routine you will use.
This is Joshua Jay’s first release in the Wonder Wallet series. Essentially, the Wonder Wallet series is a magic show that you can carry in your wallet. Here, you’re given professionally printed props and easy-to-follow instruction, which makes learning this a breeze. It got raves from all the magazines for a good reason…this is one you will most certainly use.

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