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Here’s another practical effect from Max Krause that starts off simply enough but the kicker ending really blows them away. This is my sort of magic for sure!

In effect, you ask a spectator to punch holes randomly in a dollar bill – the more the merrier in fact. This alone entertains the audience as they can’t quite believe you want them to punch all the holes in the bill. Once done they fold up the bill and it is placed in a tiny draw string bag that they put in their pocket. Now a card is chosen and lost in the deck. After some byplay you attempt to find their card and tell them if you fail they get to keep the bill (with holes in!). After 3 tries you still have no luck finding the card, so you say they can keep the bill. Now, this is where it gets weird – as they pull the bill out the holes have all rearranged themselves so that they form the name of the chosen card! It is quite unbelievable!

You can choose to let them keep the bill as a perfect souvenir or keep the bill for the next time. What is cool is that you can use this for any card or other message.

Yet another Highly Recommended for performers everywhere!

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