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You’ll amaze YOURSELF!
Imagine being able to hold your card deck in your hand, and LEVITATE it right off your palm!

Or how stunned your spectator will be to see his signed and torn card restored by you, right before his eyes?

Or best of all- picture yourself being the master of some amazing, shock-producing, reputation-making- but little known card moves, techniques that will put you head and shoulders above the other magicians!

Top Secret Card Magic will get you to that level, and FAST! The step-by-step, crystal clear instruction on this DVD is a delight to watch and to follow. Bring your card magic up a notch!

Contents of the DVD:
BLINK – Change a card in the blink of an eye
ELEVATOR CARD – Move a card through a deck just like an elevator
PHANTOM CONTROL – A deceptive method that gives you complete control over any card
LEVITATING DECK – Make your deck rise off your hand
RED & BLACKS (OIL & WATER) – The classic Oil & Water effect perfected
PUSH THRU SHUFFLE – A very useful and unusual false shuffle
SIDE STEAL DROP – New card move that fools magicians!
THE ONE – A fancy one-handed false shuffle
TRANSPO – A truly amazing card switching miracle
TWISTING THE ACES – Magically transform cards right in your hand
RESTORED CARD – Clever variation of the REINCARDNATION Torn and Restored Card

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