The TCC FINAL Wood Combo Cups and Balls Sets


The Final Wood Combo Cup set contains every configuration you need for the Cups & Balls – standard cups / solid cups and chop cups. We even made it in two sizes.

The Final Wood Combo Cup set includes one (1) gimmicked chop cup and two (2) regular straight cups.

There are also three (3) solid cups, which can expand your routine options and provide a different and baffling finale to your routine. Imagine the cups turned out to be a solid block of wood at the end as if everything was a dream!

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Standard Size Set
1x Chop Cup
2x Straight Cups
3x Solid Cups
4x Regular Working Crochet Balls
4x Gimmicked Crochet Balls
4x Crochet Balls in Smaller Size (1 Gimmicked and 3 Regular)
1x PU storage case
Full Online Instructions
Mixed wood (Exterior is stained to mimic Rosewood)
Single Cup
Mouth diameter: 8.1cm (~3.2 inches)
Top diameter: 4.5cm (~1.8 inches)
Height: 7.6cm (~3 inches)
Weight: ~50g (Standard), ~179g (Solid)
Crochet Ball in Regular Size
Diameter: 2.8cm (~1.1 inches)
Crochet Ball in Smaller Size
Diameter: 2cm (~0.8 inches)
Storage Case
30.2 * 20.5 * 8.9cm (~11.8 * 8 * 3.5inches)
Package weight
1.5 KG

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