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Four 10’s are removed from the deck, they are placed out in a row and any 3 indifferent cards are put on each 10. There really are four cards in each pile and no double back or double faced cards. Pick up pile number one show the 10H and 3 cards. It’s difficult to explain this next sequence but you simply close the spread and then re-spread the cards and the 10H has gone. There are no false counts, double cards, glue, rough and smooth etc. Pick up pile two there are only four cards, in this pile are the 10S and amazingly the 10H. Once again both 10’s visually vanish and three 10’s appear in the third pile. Finally all three 10’s vanish from pile three and arrive in pile four. All four tens can be examined. There is no sleight of hand. You will love the simplicity of TENSION.

Comes complete with instruction sheet and specially printed Bicycle cards.

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