Street Monte Ultimate w/Pad


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Street Monte Double Feature Learning Course
Three Card Monte – Learn Step-by-Step Secrets
Three Shell Game – Learn Step-by-Step Secrets
Perfect Three Shell Game With Perfect Pea(s)
Close Up Pad Half Circle In Black

Kick off your Three Card Monte experience by watching as professional street magician Sal Piacente gives you a personal demonstration of exactly how the classic card con looks in action. Then learn the fascinating behind-the-scenes history of the game. After you have watched the preparation and handling of the cards, you’ll learn the secrets of the actual trick by watching Sal in the studio and on the streets!
Then, a second volume teaches you the secret techniques and history of the famous Three Shell Game. Sal Piacente will personally show you the “how to” and the best methods so that you will be ready to perform this classic trick anytime!

This kit also comes complete with the actual needed props…
The Perfect Three Shell Game, a quality set of shells that is nothing short of perfection! Made of elastomeric resin, they’re a bit more rubbery than regular plastic, which makes the shells much easier to grip. They have been molded from real walnuts and are designed to glide, rock, and grip perfectly. The specially made tacky peas won’t roll away, either!
To make your Street Monte experience complete you also get the Half Round Black Close-up Pad measures 17.25″ x 9″ (43.8cm x 22.9cm), which is perfect for shell games, card tricks and other street magic. The the half round shape padded surface is really the professional secret for making these tricks work smoothly for you every time!

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