Naked angels on bikes


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Printed on the back of every card in a deck of Bicycle playing cards are two naked angels on bicycles. These two separate angels have been riding toward each other for all eternity…doomed to never meet. Bummer! But perhaps just this one time, with your help, we can bring these clothing-challenged cherubs together.
The magician takes one of the 52 cards from the deck and openly slides it under the clear cellophane of the card case to protect it from outside, clothing optional forces. The two naked angels on the card are clearly visible as the spectator covers them with her warm naked hand. She waits a few seconds….then with her own fingers, slowly slides the card out from under the cellophane. One of the angles is GONE!…..leaving just a weird blank space… BOTH the angels are now joyously riding together, side by side, on the other end of the card!
If you’re feeling especially generous you can even let the spectator keep the naked little darlings…along with your name and phone number.

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