Color Changing Deck


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The Color Changing Deck is a stunning effect that even fools magicians!
Rudy T. Hunter will teach you this routine PLUS four other outstanding routines, giving you a complete act!
With the specially gimmicked card you’ll get, you can easily perform these five amazing card tricks- plus many more!
You’ll learn the secrets to several incredibly amazing color changing card routines, true reputation makers!
The DVD will show you EXACTLY how to use the special card!
And this gimmicked card can be used in many different effects in addition to the ones you’ll learn in the instructions.
For some great ideas on how to use gimmicked cards like the one you’ll get, consult the Royal Road To Card Magic book or DVD (see below).
DVD includes:
The Routine- A fast and easy routine that will leave your spectators amazed!
Chicago Opener- One of the best card tricks in card magic. Make one card back out of the whole deck change color while still staying the same on the front!
Mine- Take the Chicago Opener to the next level and really astonish your spectators by finding their card with a special message written on it!
Mental Prediction- This trick will give your spectator the psychic ability to pick the only different backed card in the whole deck!
Imaginary Card in Wallet- Your spectator signs a card and it magically changes color on the back!

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