25 Tricks Jaw Droppers Kit


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This complete magic training course is great for beginner magicians. You will learn some incredible effects from professional magician and entertainer Larry Anderson step-by-step for easy mastery.

Specialized magic deck and full instructional guide included.

Two-Bit Penny Pincher
Crayon Clairvoyance
Twice Fooled
Shape-Shifting Silver
Touched By an Angel
Anti-Gravity Ring
Houdini Hanky
The Haunted Bill
The Mysterious Black Hole
Helicopter Bill
Do As I Do
Two On A Match
How the “Key” Card Works
BONUS – Svengali Deck Tricks
How the Svengali Deck Works
Somebody Stop Me
A “Bottom” Deal
The Airborne Card
CopyCat Cards
Elevator Card
Hanky-Panky Card Penetration
Hide N’ Seek and You Shall Find
Take A Stab At It
The Ol’ Switcheroo
Split Decision

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